Moving Forward

At the beginning of my internship with Stetson’s Creative Arts Department, I posted Grace Aguda’s profile. It was straightforward, I only had a few issues tagging and titling the post. I wasn’t sure whether to tag her as a graduating senior or as an alumnus considering she had graduated by the time I posted her profile. I looked at previous posts to see what other interns had done. The previous profiles are tagged according to the context of the interview, not according to the real-time graduation-status of the person who was interviewed. I backdated the post to around the time she submitted her interview, and tweaked the wording in the snippet and meta description to optimize the post a bit.

Additionally, I had been making trips to campus to work in the ceramic studio at Sampson hall. My trips were mostly unfruitful. The entire building was blocked off at one point due to roof maintenance so I couldn’t enter the building without technically trespassing.

I’ve been met with a few absurd-but-manageable obstacles, such as losing my wallet and needing a new glasses prescription. Not to mention my driver’s license was in said wallet, so I can’t legally drive. Until I am in a better position to be making regular trips back to campus, I will put my sculpting plans on hold.

In the meantime, I’m drafting my ideas so the physical details of my sculptures are more thought out and planned, and I’m designing characters for my future web comic.


One thought on “Moving Forward”

  1. Thanks for the update, Evan. I don’t mind you occasionally talking about other things that are going on with your creative work, but please try to keep the majority focus on your web work for the department.

    I saw a few more posts in the “Media Library”. Do you have much more material for theses? Let me know if you need more.

    And you can always call Laura on a week day before coming to campus if you need to check on the building access. There are some other closures happening in Flagler later this month. Lots of work happens over the summer to keep these old buildings functioning!

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