Rain Rain Go Away…

Well, unfortunately there’s not much to report on this week thanks to the wonderful weather North Carolina’s been having…We’ve gotten numerous days of heavy rain in a row, which ended up cancelling the game we were supposed to have with our big rival on Friday. We’ve gotten so much rain in fact, that I wouldn’t be surprised if our game this Friday gets cancelled as well! Our field doesn’t take well to lots of water unfortunately. I feel like you could go out there and spray the grass with a Windex bottle, and the entire field would flood. We’re definitely in need of a bigger tarp…

I’m just hoping the field and weather stay dry enough for the upcoming week. There are pretty much back to back games, since it’s the last opportunity to play before the playoffs start on the 5th. And unfortunately, because it’s right before the playoffs, any games that get cancelled won’t be rescheduled. So fingers crossed for sunnier skies!

With such a long break in between games though, I’m using this week to focus on organizing my portfolio and finding my best shots from the games. I also came up with a graphic that I hope the League will be able to utilize in the future. Multimedia Interns like myself are in charge of taking videos of the players, fans, etc during the home games. We’re expected to film videos horizontally, but sometimes, we get caught in the moment/habits and film vertically! This leaves two large black bars on either side of the video when the footage is used in the standard aspect ratio.

So then! I’m hoping to fix that problem by creating a graphic that can be overlaid over the video, consequently turning the black bars into a baseball or league-themed graphic. It’ll take some playing around with for sure, but I’m hoping it’ll allow for including vertical videos into the League recaps; it’ll definitely be more aesthetically pleasing if I can get it to work!

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  1. Using the black bars to overlay a logo is a great idea. Now the team won’t lose footage just because the camera was turned the wrong way. Have you looked at a few examples before designing your own for the team? It’s a good idea to see what works for other companies and organizations, then incorporate the best design elements into your own.

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