Reflecting as Time Ends

As my internship comes to an end soon, I’ve been taking the time to reflect and truly appreciate the experience I’ve had while at Rox Volleyball. Although I’ve only been an intern for about three months, I’ve learned a great amount and I cherish all of the knowledge I’ve gained and all of the people I’ve made connections with.

On my second to last day though, I was taught how to do mock-ups for men’s jerseys, as well as casual wear. This was an exciting project for me because it involved a real-time order and the mock-up I was doing would be sent to an actual customer. I’ve learned that I become most excited about a project/work when I know others are going to see it and appreciate it, even more so than simply just in class/a class assignment.

As my first internship experience, I know I am going to genuinely miss Rox Volleyball and everyone who I have met. I’ve seen the company itself change and I’ve also witnessed myself as an artist change. I’ve gained knowledge that I never quite expected to and I now have experiences that not many can say they have had. With my last week approaching, I am sad but also extremely grateful for my time at Rox Volleyball.