Reset Button

I had planned to post my first blog two weeks ago. It seemed like a good place to start: give myself enough time to become acquainted with the intern position and WordPress, but post early enough in the semester that I had a truly fresh take on the work.
That didn’t happen.
Despite it being a whole month into the semester, I only have one article up on the department webpage. Like most students trying to readjust post-hurricane, I feel a bit behind. Maybe, though, this is my first real-world learning opportunity for the internship. The learning objectives I’d listed at the onset of the semester were focused on more technical skills, but right now, I’m learning about how to deal with unexpected hurdles.
This past summer, I interned with an insurance company for eleven weeks in their cubicle-style office. Needless to say, it was a very different experience. I clocked in at 8 A.M. and was given a daily schedule that I followed until clocking out nine hours later.
Working with the Creative Arts department, there is no time sheet and no head popping around the corner to ask how my task is going. I am the one making the work schedule, determining when and for how long my time must be allotted. I may not have anticipated it on the onset, but perhaps one of my greatest learning opportunities will be to develop time management between many different tasks.
Unlike my summer internship where long hours were focused on one subject, I am currently dedicated to my classes, senior research, a work study job, studying for the Law School Admissions Test, and the internship. The hurricane was an unexpected twist that had me hitting the reset button and trying to get back into the rhythm on campus. One week in, I’m glad to say that the stress of rerouting has dwindled and taught me that focus can overcome frenzy.

One thought on “Reset Button”

  1. School (whether as student or professor) does tend toward fragmented time that is divided up between lots of tasks. In that kind of environment, there is a benefit to having whole days dedicated to one task for your job. It can be refreshing and help you regain your mental focus.

    So my advice as you learn to juggle things: make sure you leave some space for spending long periods of time on a single big task or project. It sounds like a luxury, but I try to set aside one morning a week for sustained work on my research. Those few hours really help me stay balanced the rest of the week.

    That said, I am not sure I could handle the opposite, where I worked on the same thing all day everyday. It’s good to have a balance between variety and concentration.

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