Second to Last Week with ITProTV

My second to last week at ITProTV has been the most exciting yet! I got to work closely with my supervisor with an on location project. The project involved interviewing three of the men in charge of setting up all the networking, routers and switches in the new building they will be moving into in September.  Along with them we still need to interview the the man in charge of construction to discuss how they are setting everything up to help with that. Besides leaving the office we also had a guest in from Kenya who came to ITProTV to record a course on Computing Fundamentals. This particular guest is an advisor to the president of Kenya for the betterment of those who do not easily have access to technology; his sponsoring organization is called I Choose Life.

On the second day of the week I had just finished a show in the smaller studio and I was sitting in a chair, my supervisor walked up to me and asked “do you want to go over to the new building and work some audio?” I promptly jumped up out of the chair and said “yes!” I might have startled him a bit with my enthusiasm. However, I truly was excited because it was something different than what I had been doing the past two months and audio is one of my main tracks for my major in Digital Arts, along with video. I grabbed a pair of headphones, a lapel mic, cabling, and a Rolls MX34c which is a small portable two channel live mix box. We arrived at the construction site of the new building and began to set up in an area not too noisy but also had something interesting in the background such as network cables, or glass door offices. Since it was a short interview that did not involve much moving around, we only brought a short mic cable that connected to the live mix box, that was attached to me, and so I needed to stand just out of the frame close to the interviewee. However, when we interviewed the co-founder, Don Pezet, he brought a long cable with him because he knew he needed to walk around to demonstrate some activities and this extra long cable was very helpful for that. Interviewing people on location is not something I had ever done before and this was one of the many aspects of the internship I am grateful for that has given me work experiences I desire.

Half way through the week our guest from Kenya arrived after a series of flight connections from Nairobi to Orlando. He was quite tired on the first day were meant to start recording so we just showed him around the building and were willing to let him relax the rest of the day but he insisted on getting started that day. He was going full speed ahead until he hit a wall at around 3pm, this was due to the 7 hour time difference and his body was telling him it was bed time. We shut down early that day and came back early the next morning to make up for lost time. The rest of the week went well and we worked into the weekend where we got the most of the shows done. Our guest, Dr. Tonny Omwansa, was interviewed during his time with us multiple times and one interview was featured in our local newspaper, The Gainesville Sun. There was a lot of excitement having him in town and as for the physical recording side his time with us, everything went swimmingly because he was quite comfortable in front of the camera giving us little to do while we were live or in post.

My second to last week at ITProTV was definitely one of, if not the best week I have had with them. I am sure that my last week will be great as well but so far this has been a great week. From working audio at a construction site to sitting inside and recording as usual, it was all fun in every way but that is to be expected with ITProTV.