Second Week at Carnival Cruise Line

After learning the programs to start re targeting users, my supervisor made me project manager to launch the same re marketing campaign for mobile. For this, I had to implement rules to set up audiences for the campaign, edit CMS content, and edit HTML and CSS to show the dynamic content on top of the images. After having the code, the creatives, and the logic behind the project set up, our mobile provider launched a buggy API for mobile search. This made my project delay until mid-August. However, I will still be able to launch the project then.

After that project, my supervisor put me in charge of a tag audit for 4 pages of the website. This was a high priority project since it came from the VP of marketing. They were going to launch a new campaign that would recommend users cruises based on past searches. So, the tag audit consisted of making sure every button and page was tagged so we could use that data to track user behavior and trigger actions within the page. This project has been the most extensive to date. I took me a week to finish and I had to record every single action and write down my findings. Part of the reasons it took me son long was because I had to learn to use a new tool that let me see the tags of each page. After fixing some errors in my report and a lot of feedback from my supervisor, I was able to present the project to the Director of E-commerce. The presentation was a success and they have assembled a new team to fix the errors that I had found in the website. I felt pretty proud haha.

After this, my supervisor assigned me with four more projects since then that I will discuss in the next posts.

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