So Many Quotes

After having our weekly conference call on Friday, I was assigned to make even more graphics. They shared a document with me that has a bunch of different categories they want, and then under each category, they have quotes for me to include in these graphics. It’s a similar assignment to last week however, I don’t need to invert the colors on this one so if they want ten graphics they only need ten rather than twenty which is nice. I’ve had some issues with the folders them sharing with me being empty when they are supposed to have content in them that they want me to include, but after reaching out we usually get that sorted out pretty quickly. I have not made any of these quotes as I’m still waiting for one specific folder to be shared with me so I won’t have those to share with you until next week. However, the poster that I had mentioned from last week I currently have a rough draft to share. We’re still working on all the details so it’s rather blank but it is attached below. After reaching out to Heather and communicating that I felt like I was being left in the dark at times she has become much more responsive to emails and calls so I’m glad I finally reached out to her in regards to that as that was the main issue that I was having. For now, though all I have to show is this poster as previously mentioned, next week I will have different poster ideas as well as social media graphics to share with you so stay tuned for those!

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  1. Glad you were able to effectively communicate concerns to your supervisor! Hope things continue on a positive path.

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