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So this past week I met with Gerri Bauer in the Office of University Marketing. She is the Social Media and Interactive Marketing Manager and is in charge of the main social media accounts for Stetson.

One of the main things we talked about was the importance of creating a social media calendar. Posting frequently allows your audience to have more opportunities to engage and interact with your business/company/university/etc. The idea of the social media calendar is that you would know what your posting, when your posting it, and what you need to do if you still need to gather things to post.

Gerri and I talked mainly about Instagram and Snapchat, in terms of social media. We went in and analyzed the Instagrams of other Stetson departments as well as other schools. Our findings showed that instead of just posting pictures, these accounts will post a photo with an added graphic to share more information about upcoming events. So while taking good photos is important, more and more accounts are incorporating simple graphics to enhance their message. Considering that some people just enjoy scrolling through their feed, they don’t always take the time to read an entire caption – thus the integration of graphic use.

Since it’s summertime she didn’t have much for me to work on, so I began to create and outline a social media calendar for CEO. It was a lot harder than I thought,  because I am still learning about the department as I’m working here.

She did send me on a mission though to Snapchat the “Hatter Chatter” livestream and also post about it on Instagram. I was so nervous and it didn’t go as well as I thought it should have.

It’s all a learning process though, and Gerri even said she would love for me to work with her during the school year! I’d have to volunteer my time though because I already have a work study position with CEO. But since I’ll be learning I really don’t mind volunteering my time.

That’s it for this post!

See you next time!

Taylor Hamilton


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  1. Gerri does a great job with our social media. I think it would be totally worth your time to talk with her more. Social media is a niche job, and one where there are plenty of opportunities at the moment. Though having experience that you can point to (like this internship) will be key to opening those doors.

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