Social Media Lessons

This week, it was extremely and oddly quiet in the workspace; it was only one of my supervisors, the other intern for social media, and myself. The quiet environment did allow my one supervisor to really connect with me though and he emphasized the fact that he hopes I learn a lot while at Rox Volleyball and if there is anything he could help me with, he hopes I don’t hesitate to ask. For a majority of the day though, I continued to work on product photo editing jerseys, fixing slight edits that I was advised to do.

For about the last hour though, I actually continued to work on the social media project and I finished one of the quotes given to me. I checked their Instagram a few days later, and the edit I had done had in fact actually made it on their page! This was an awesome thing for me to see because it was the first project I could say where I created it from scratch and it made it onto a professional company’s social media page. This project has made me more interested in social media and how creative one can get, especially with on Instagram. On Instagram, one can manipulate photos themselves but can also play around with layouts. This project specifically has sparked an interest in me on pursuing more social media endeavors and it has given me more ideas on how to improve my own social media pages or possibly another company’s in the future.

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  1. That’s great that your work was featured on the Instagram feed! Nothing quite like seeing your work have a public presence for the first time.

    I’m adding a link here for future reference, but you were smart to take a screenshot for your portfolio. You might want to take another now that the like count is 175!

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