Start of Something New

Well, the internship I’ve been planning for/looking forward to is finally underway! It’s honestly surreal to think about how just months prior I was searching fervently for a summer job or internship. I was constantly scouring the Internet and worrying that I might not have anything significant to do with my downtime. But now, here I am in Morehead City, North Carolina, settling in to my new duties as a Coastal Plain League multimedia intern.

I have to say that I had a lot of mixed emotions going into this position. On one hand, I was excited for the possibilities, as a multimedia position often allows for work in different mediums. Seeing as my portfolio definitely needs more love, I was happy for the chance to have a multitude of pictures, videos, graphics, and maybe even audio work under my belt. But on the other hand, I was nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy it, that I would be so far from home, and that it wouldn’t be as rewarding of an experience as I hoped.

After completing my first game/first line of duties Friday night however, I can safely say that those fears are pretty much being laid to rest! Friday night marked the first home game of the baseball team I’ve been assigned to, the Morehead City Marlins. I was definitely a little nervous going in, as I had a lot on my plate. Essentially, I was expected to take pictures and videos of the game and all its events, coupled with posting regular game updates on social media. It was my first time taking more “professional” pictures, and therefore I was worried about the quality of work I would produce.

Once I got into a battle rhythm however, it ended up being a lot of fun! I was able to scope out just the right places to photograph the action, and with the correct settings, I was able to capture some shots I didn’t even know I was capable of taking! Definitely a confidence booster. Not only that, but I ended up with over 500 pictures by the end of the game, ie plenty of work to show for myself. And that was only one game out of many more to come.

Suffice to say, I’m looking forward to what the next games will bring, and I’m excited to see how much my skills improve over the next months! I’ve also got my fingers crossed for some graphic/audio opportunities with this internship, so I’ll keep you posted on any new experiences!

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  1. Glad things are off to a good start, Jodi! This is great example of how you need to dig for opportunities. Most jobs in digital media are not with digital media companies. They are with organizations that do other things (like baseball) and have an in house person to do their media. Of course, that makes them harder to find.

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