Summer 2018 Logo

As stated in a previous post, when creating anything for marketing that the public is going to see you usually have to go through the Creative Department. So when my boss, David Wood, asked me to create a logo for “Summer at Stetson 2018” I knew I needed to do things through them.

First I talked to Joel Jones, head of the Creative Department. I told him David asked me to make a logo, and in return, Joel asked me what my process for making a logo was. Having taken a Graphic Design course this past spring I had a basic idea of what my process was.

First I did research. I looked up different summer logos, camping logos, school logos, etc. Normally I use Google and Pinterest, but this time I also used a site Brittany Strozzo told me about called Behance. It actually helped me more than Google and Pinterest ever did. I highly recommend it.

After doing research, I started sketching. I knew I wanted to do something with palm trees. Since Stetson has palm court and it would be for summer, I thought a palm tree would be fitting.

Once I had a few sketches done I set up a meeting with Joel. We looked over the sketches, he gave me some input, and said I could go ahead with digitally making the logo.

See I thought that making a logo would be this HUGE process and would be so difficult, but it was actually really easy.

Going into this internship, I was under the impression that with marketing and media you have to jump through hoops to get anything done; but actually, it’s super simple! Yes you have to check that everything is in line with your message and is professional, but you don’t have to check with 20 different people before you make a post on Instagram.

So to anyone that’s going out and wanting to do Digital Arts with Marketing, be confident with what you’re doing, stay within your values, and “it’s better to ask forgiveness than ask permission.”