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A Diverse Education

This week, I am working on an article whose subject is this year’s senior exhibition. I have done several past articles discussing the new art and artists going up in the Hand Art Center, but this is the first time the artists have been fellow students.

Coming into this web intern position as an English major has been a particularly rewarding opportunity because nearly every one I meet on campus through the work is someone I would not have met otherwise. I doubt I would have ever stepped foot in the HAC if not for this internship; not because I lack an appreciation of art, but because in the busyness of classes I failed to make it a priority. In this past semester I have visited the gallery several times and plan to do so again.

I recently spoke with a very successful federal prosecutor, asking him for advice as I grow continually closer to beginning my law career. One of his suggestions for the three years of law school was to diversify how summers and breaks were spent. Just like an undergrad, law students should use their summers to complete internships or other learning opportunities to build connections in their chosen field and build experience. The man I spoke with suggested doing the internships in different areas: maybe one in probate, one in health law, one in tax.

Why do something else instead of continuing to build a stronger network in the field you know? He explained it like this: “One of two things can happen, and both are good. You will either be affirmed in knowing that what you thought you wanted to do is the right way to go, or you will find a greater passion for something else that you would have otherwise missed.”

My internship has allowed me to do just that as an undergrad, seeing a different side of the  education Stetson offers and, in small ways, being a part of it. I’ve received my first lesson here, and it will not be lost on me as I graduate and take on the next challenge.