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Helwig Internship Week 3: February 3rd & 5th

During this week in my internship, things stayed pretty steady on both ends. On the engineering half, I was working in master control for most of the week rather prepping games for other stations. The reason being was that a sister station was coming in next week to learn our master control system because they were getting the same system as we have. Since I spent most of my time in the control room, I took the following list on the main duties of the operator. The main mission of the operator is to keep logs so the station knows if any content is lost and to make sure that every show has closed captions so the station will not get in trouble with the FCC. When keeping track of the logs the operator is also making sure the times are on point so hard breaks can roll as well. Other duties include logging power levels of transmitters, watching volume levels, and also running weekly national emergencies tests. The station also runs monthly ones that are just important. These seem to be all the duties of the operators but there could be some small ones that I have overlooked which I will list in the next upcoming weeks.

During the other half, while I was on production I switched from camera operator to floor manager. While floor managing I learned a couple of different things. The first was the proper signals to give to the anchors, like countdowns and pointing directions to look at each camera. The second was the proper places to put the cameras so the operator can get certain shots. And lastly I learned to properly make my script before and during the news cast to preform these tasks. I did mostly shadow this whole week on this position but next week I will be able to follow the director around and give the signals as well. Overall this week was more repetition but I feel like I am understanding things better then I was before.