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Helwig Internship Week 6: March 17th & 19th

In the past week of my internship I have been perfecting my skills in both master control and in the studio. To start off, I have now transitioned on to learning the video board WESH uses to technical direct its broadcasts. It is a Sony board so it is hard to understand but this week I was taught the basic and how the buttons are lined up. In the next couple of weeks I will be learning it more in depth and hopefully will be able to practice with it in between news casts. The second part of my internship in master control I have been prepping a bunch of shows every day and even got to prep a movie. I have not gotten to a point where I have learned all of the times where the barter blocks are so it have become very easy to prep shows. During the evening news casts I have been also shading and bringing in microwave shots all by myself now. From time to time they have had to check up on me but they really let me handle “Video Control” by myself which is pretty awesome. It took me a couple of weeks to learn all of it and locate where the trucks are but it feels good to be trusted. Especially with shading as well, it really takes an experienced eye to understand how to shade properly and its just nice to be able to do it correctly. I will continue to work towards excellence in the weeks to come.