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Helwig Internship Week 5: February 17th & 19th

During this week of my internship my schedule got switched around a little bit. Instead of working the day half in master control and half on production I am now learning audio in the morning for two hours and the rest of the day in master control. The reason is so I can get more hands on experience. In the mornings I am finally in the control room instead of being on the floor, which is nice. I am working with Kyle who is teaching me the ins and outs of the sound board. It is a very complex machine with many different sources coming in going to different groups. The main things I have learned so far though is the process of setting the board up at the beginning of the shift, checking batteries, mixing anchors during the show, and proper breakdown after the show. These are the main processes but next week I hope to dive into sound effects and mixing packages. Over in master control I have been working on prepping more complex shows are running acquisition for the nightly news cast. The shows I have been prepping are more complex because each of them require that you know specific fee spots and commercials to barter. Luckily there is a reference sheet but to help my speed I am working on memorizing it. Running acquisition has been great as well since I am actually shading live shows and calling in microwave trucks that are used for the shows as well. I have been struggling with learning the router used for calling in shots but hopefully after a few more weeks I will have it down. Overall, this new schedule has been getting me more hands on work which has helped me learn even more.