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Helwig Internship Week 10: April 21st & 23rd

This week marks the end of my internship at WESH 2 news. During this week I still preformed my normal duties of assisting with audio in the morning and prepping shows in the afternoon. I also prepped more movies this week and got to tune in a couple of live trucks for the 5PM newscast. On top of these regular duties, I also explored a couple of different other departments at the television station. Since WESH is a hub station for Hearst Television, I got to sit down and with the head of the traffic department and also the local sales representative. Both of these people gave me really great in site into other job possibilities in television.

During the beginning of the week I talked with the local sales representative, Kevin Orchard. He was a very nice man who informed me of what the normal tasks of his sales reps were and also told me how sales makes money for the rest of the company. Along with that, we went over the day to day routine of a sales manager: talking to clients, maintaining accounts, and going to specific meetings. Overall this meeting was informational and taught me the importance of advertising. On the other end, I meet with the traffic department manager. Now this type of traffic has nothing to do with your car, it has to do with the organization of ads into a day to day log that you watch on TV. So when I talked to the manager at the hub she went though how she takes ads from the sales managers and puts them into a system which then organizes them into the daily log. These logs are usually finished 3 days before they are put onto television. We also went over how she communicates with the head station up in North Carolina to put this all together. This conversation was helpful to me so I could understand how the log was created in master control and to give me ideas of other job opportunities in television. To conclude, this internship opportunity truly gave me a broad understand of television and how to do the task of entry level positions in master control and production.

Helwig Internship Week 9: April 7th & 9th

During this last week in my internship I had the same duties as usual, audio in the morning and prepping all afternoon. ¬†On the production side of things, I learned how to properly set up the conference area on the second floor for satellite interviews. Sometimes WESH will host some special interviews for NBC since the station is a hub in Orlando. Learning the set up was easy, it was just plugging in the microphones in specific areas and calling in the IFB by a special phone attached to the chair. On the other hand I prepped the usual shows for Tuesday and Thursday, and also shaded the afternoon newscasts. Also this week I had another meeting with the programing coordinator, where we discussed different FCC laws. We went over the basic areas which consisted of children programming, captioning, profanities, and music laws. I took a lot of notes on these sections but I will give the basics for each sections in this blog. In the area of children programming, the station is required to show about 3 hours of educational children’s programming during the week. This programming must also have limited commercial times and have a certain amount of PSAs. All programming must have close captioning that is 90% correct on pre-made production and 80% correct on live productions. In profanities, the station must report any incidents to avoid being fined and music has to be paid for though major record contracts. There is so much more detail to this but this is the basic stuff that the programming coordinator also has to take care of. I am having another discussion with her next week covering ratings. Overall, learning about the FCC laws has been one of the most interesting parts of my internships thus far.

Helwig Internship Week 8: March 28th & 30th

During this week in my internship I had the same schedule as usual working audio in the morning, then continuing the day with master control work. When I say I am “working audio” in the morning I am purely board operating for the noon show. I am pretty much turning on microphones and bring up music levels when necessary. I also check battery levels on the microphones so none of them die during the news cast. Some of the fundamentals of audio I learned in the intro class here at Stetson has helped me in this area. Like learning the specific measurements of sound. The second half of the day I spend this week prepping movies for the station to use throughout the month. This is a big responsibility since movies come in big reels that have up to 10 segments and they also get a lot of views, so everything has to be correct. This task pretty much took me most of the day since I had 2 movies to prep. One other event that took place this week is that I started discussion with the stations program and media coordinator. I wanted to learn more about the business itself so she kinda took me in and started teaching me. Our discussion this week was talking about the Orlando market and how it consists of three different¬†duopolies, including WESH which is NBC and The CW. She also explained simple programming and why certain shows appear at certain times and how they correspond with advertising for the station. We ended our discussion with an introduction to some of the FCC laws, which we would discuss in more detail the following week. Overall, I was very excited about learning about television programing.