Text Is The Enemy

Today, I continued the design assignment with the motivational quotes and I actually felt productive about it today unlike last week. I learned about social media and unique ideas about layouts for Instagram, which was beneficial not only for professional purposes but even for personal purposes also. As I worked on the assignment and got advice, I was taught one important lesson for any graphic designer: text is a pain.

Everything I thought I once knew about text and text layout flew right out the window as I worked on this assignment. Although I was capable of editing the background photo perfectly fine, it was the text that was difficult to get aligned, making sure that it fit perfectly and there was no empty space. Although I started to feel discouraged trying to get the text right, one of my supervisors reassured me and said that text is one of the biggest obstacles for any graphic designer and especially since this was my first time professionally working with text, it was all a learning experience. So even though text may be a pain, I’m glad to start this experience and to actually work on a more in-depth project that will be displayed publicly.

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