The Beginning of my Internship

Sorry for this blog being late. My WordPress account was having issues, but it’s fixed now, so my daily blogs will be posted.

This week I began my internship with Chesapeake Family, a local magazine here in Annapolis, Maryland. My first task was to create a simple advertisement using Adobe Photoshop. A photograph with text and the company logo was all. I also attended a company meeting where I was introduced to everyone and told what I would be doing throughout the summer. Photography, videography, graphic design, web design, and anything I can help the art director and editor with. They gave me a couple of magazines to look through so that I can familiarize myself with what I will be creating.

The next day I did even more. I played around with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to enhance my experience with the programs and to create some more advertisements both for the magazine and for the company’s social media, with text and designs. After that I went downtown to watch and photograph the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels are Navy aircraft that fly over the town to celebrate the Naval Academy’s commencement. When I got home I did even more practice with the software that I will be using throughout the summer.

I was excused from my third day of work to attend my brother’s high school graduation.

This week did not consist of much work, since I was just getting to know everyone and what I would be doing, but I’ve grasped an understanding of what this work requires, and I will work hard to become more experienced with my major and the work will increase as I become more situated with the internship.

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  1. Getting started on the job usually starts slow. Glad to read that they are helping to define your role. As you start to get deeper into these Photoshop and Illustrator projects, I’ll be interested in what you think our courses could do better to prepare you for this work.

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