The Critiques Are In!!!!

Well, the critiques are in and I must say that I am shocked at the positive feedback! Being a complete novice at videography I was expecting harsh reviews, but thank goodness, I was wrong. I chose to capture stories in the Digital Arts because it’s my major, and I knew this would keep my attention throughout pre-and post-production. Once things got going and I became more comfortable with interviewing the editing process presented challenges for me. I never knew how many hours could go into editing, but now I’m appreciative to those working diligently to provide us with entertainment.

I spent 10-19 hours a week in post-production trying to produce quality videos.  I tried out both Windows Movie Maker and Premier to compare which software would produce the best outcome. While Windows Movie Maker is decent for beginners, it doesn’t deliver better quality than Premier. I found it complicated to add and edit audio, and when adding background music to videos the monologues were drowned out completely. I did the best I could with Windows Movie Maker, but when I began edits in Premier I was in heaven. The way things are organized there made my work flow much easier. Now, I learn some things the hard way when I first started with Premier, but once I got a hang of it, it was smooth sailing.

After submitting my final edits to my supervisor, he informed to incorporate more B-roll, increase the audio levels, record more steady takes, and pay attention to better lighting. The interviews were great but there were ways to make it better. With that said, I opted to redo them all and present a better product. Amid this, I received an amazing opportunity to edit a video for a possible news story, EXCITING! I’ve submitted a final product for that, but now I want to take that three-minute video and turn it into 20 seconds. I honestly feel more comfortable with editing and I’m learning to relax and have fun. A lot of times I miss the opportunity to be creative because I overthink things, and it’s an honor to have leadership that encourages you to relax and view things from a positive perspective.

I don’t know where this internship will lead but, I’m thankful that I said yes, and I have to ability to learn something new each day.

One thought on “The Critiques Are In!!!!”

  1. Interesting that you took the time to evaluate WMM v Premiere. I know that looking at a different tool can make you appreciate the tool you know, so it is good to do occasionally. Hopefully you have a better sense of the flexibility that Premiere offers and why that has a value.

    Glad to read they liked the final product. Most importantly, I am glad you are happy with the results and are aware of the things you learned along the way.

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