The Remaining 2016 Senior Thesis Exhibition Posts

Over the past few days I made Art Gallery posts for Gisela Alvarez, Taylor Gunderson, Erin McCollum, and Natasha Schaidt’s Senior Thesis Exhibitions.

A few of the images in their portfolios had file sizes that exceeded the WordPress limit of 9 MB. I cropped and scaled down pictures as needed using my laptop’s photo editor and GIMP so they could be uploaded to the media gallery.

I wasn’t sure whether to include Gisela Alvarez’s dialogue with Andy Warhol on her Senior Thesis Exhibition post. It seems relevant to her senior show in terms of her not wanting to influence the spectator with an artist’s statement. It also serves to express the source of her artistic inspiration, but it’s lengthy, casual and might detract focus from her exhibition’s specific meaning.

I couldn’t find the name of Taylor Gunderson’s Senior Thesis Exhibition, nor the titles of five of his seven sculptures at first. I’m thinking the title of his exhibition might literally be “Senior Thesis Exhibition”, because that’s what was printed on his postcard. Images of his sculptures weren’t captioned with titles in his portfolio. I would seek him out for clarification, but he doesn’t seem to have a Facebook profile anymore. The titles of two pieces are included on his postcard, and I managed to figure out a few of the remaining pieces once I zoomed in on the sculptures’ nameplates in the gallery photos. A few titles were blurry and unreadable, so I have three with unknown or uncertain titles.

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  1. I seem to remember “seven deadly sins” being the theme, but that may have not been the actual title. Each sculpture was the embodiment of a particular sin. Check against the list here and see if they make sense with some of the works.

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