The Website is Progressing!

The website is starting to look like someone actually uses it! Which is great. After posting Jasmine Ramos’s bio and answers, Laura sent out an email informing people that she had been featured. Since then two more people have asked to be featured: Laine Callahan and Mitchel Robey. They have been put in the queue and will be posted two weeks from each other. I’m hoping that when more people start to do it their friends will also want to. Each of the writing styles is very different, so it’s going to be cool to see different personalities within the Creative Arts Department.

I’m still having issues with the little snippet that shows up above their picture on the main page. There is no section in my dashboard for adding in a segment, so I’m going to have to figure something else out or else Dr. Wolek will go back in every time something is published and change it himself. I will bring that up on Thursday in our meeting.

Professor McCoy’s ┬áRhinoceros post was also up already last week, however it didn’t go up in featured events. I changed that last Friday and scheduled it to reappear in the featured events. It came up yesterday, also with a higher SEO ranking as I added in some meta descriptions and the like. Everything is looking good, and it’s not taking up too much time so it’s going great!


One thought on “The Website is Progressing!”

  1. I am so happy to see a new profile there. Glad that we have two more in the queue. Make sure that the posts include links to people’s websites when they have them. I know Mitch does, but not Laine or Jasmine. We could also link to other social media sites that contain work examples.

    Hopefully when we meet this week (today) we can sort out the pull quote. Also it would be good to talk about the Twitter feed and trying to connect with that. Stetson marketing is pretty active on social media, so connecting with them needs to be prioritized.

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