This Week

It looks like stuff is going well. The Profiles are getting filled out, I’m still talking to some seniors who are going to fill them out and “still have them in their inbox.” I keep reminding them about it, but they seem to keep forgetting. Hopefully with my own helping to fill it in I can get at least three more to get us through the summer.

There wasn’t anything much to write about this week. I am in contact with Katie Pulling (Rhinoceros¬†play’s Stage Manager) who wants to do a profile. I think I’ll make it more than a profile though. As a Sophomore having such an important role behind stage it will be a really interesting story. Hopefully I can meet up with her soon after Spring Break and get that story in too. I don’t want to wait too long after Rhinoceros or people kind of forget about things. Either way though, I think it will be a ¬†cool story for prospective students to see the kinds of real life experiences they can get here at Stetson, even as an underclassmen.

Finally, I am still working on getting those faculty profiles. They aren’t really emailing me back about them. Grace just didn’t respond and Madison did, but I realized I didn’t give her a due date. For the future, I will definitely tell them a specific date to get it in by, otherwise it goes to the back of their mind and they forget about it. I emailed Madison and asked for her to finish it by the end of Spring Break, so hopefully that will work out.

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  1. I think you are learning to track people from whom you need a response. That is a very important productivity trick! I do this regularly so that I don’t forget that people need to get back to me. Managing this process feels like extra work, but it is key to making sure things don’t get forgotten by you or others.

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