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While at darice, the range of work i have done has been very wide but a main responsibility of my department are trend reports. Over the course of my time here this summer, I have contributed to a total of  over 27 Trend Reports; Day of the dead, Day of the dead kids, Friendsgiving, Hocus pocus, Happy harvest, Hypnotic horror, Kids harvest, Simply cozy, Urban luxe, Snail Mail, Felt, Bubble July_Trend_Felt July_Trend_Soaps JULY_Trend_SNAILMAIL Bars, Holiday Cabin Christmas, Holiday Metallic Christmas, Holiday Brights Christmas, Summer Barefoot Backyard, Summer Letters from Camp, Summer Poolside Cool, 3 new Spring trends, 3 new Harvest/Halloween themes, and the 3 mentioned previously in my 1st post (some attached to post).  Each Trend report has a multitude of steps to it. first is coming up with a trend or theme that is rising into popularity for the next years quarters – all the trends Ive done are for 2018. Second we find blogs, Pinterest reference, Instagrammers, and more that the leaders of this trend to research and have visual designs of the styles or trends we are looking at advertising. After this we create a reference board (usually on pinterest) similar to a mood board that is taught in Graphic Design by Madison Creech. Once his is done – we create pdfs in adobe illustrator for our buyers to then understand our trend and begin working with our Product Development and Sales Team to accomplish everything that needs to be done to get these into our stores. We also create “make and take” sheets for our common crafters. We take specific crafts within our trend reports and find the product that we sell that are necessary for this craft. We put it all together so it is easy for our customers to see what to buy together for their target audience to easily create these crafts. We also create inspiration boards for our project craft managers for them to make tangible examples of the things our materials can make that go along with each trend. I have been luck enough to be a part of every step in this process at some point in my working here this summer. Because of this, I was allowed to go to a large meeting with the Vice President of Trend from Michaels Craft Stores (since we are undergoing transitions into their corporation) where she introduced our direction and lead for the next two years in crafting retail. After this I was offered a position throughout the school year of being a “Trend Lookout” for the Michaels headquarters located in Irving, Texas. This means I will constantly be doing research for them remotely and sending them new ideas and trend reference for fresh ideas.

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  1. Thanks for the details on this trend report work. One thing I’ll mention: Although this blog is largely informal writing, you need to remember the blog is public and has your name attached to the posts. You want to make sure you fix run-on sentences and capitalization errors. Like it or not, people will form an opinion about you based on your writing. Proof before you post.

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