Trust Issues! (youtube tutorials)

Adobe Premiere never ceases to amaze me!! Let me tell you I’m the type to things the HARD WAY!! I also would like to say I don’t trust YOUTUBE tutorials whatsoever! They’re the reason I’ve been editing my videos the hard and long way! So, Thursday I was editing, and I discovered the Graphic essentials panel! It was like unlocking a treasure chest too! I mean I discovered all types animated title pages and was like “you gotta be kidding me!” All this time I could’ve been typing my names and titles within Premieres graphics and simply change colors to what I want and move on to the next details of my video! I was literally making the shapes and graphics myself while placing keyframes on everything. No wonder it took me 15 hours to make a 2-minute video! I’m not embarrassed though, I just said to myself there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and I’ll also say my poor cat is bald!

Anyway, this will make the process of editing much easier! I think what’s so great about my internship this semester is that my supervisor gave me one project to do and I don’t have to rust to get it done! Although it’s in me to turn it in right away Michael reassures me that I’m ok and to take my time! You know it’s hard to find supervisors like that so I’m grateful! Working with so many different programs my brain is on overload I have to say to myself often “keep it simple Phaedra.”

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  1. Sometimes features are hiding in plain sight. Rather than focus on the time you lost in the past, focus on the time you will save in the future!

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