Andrew Adams’s Big post

Today at 1:00pm February 11th at the women’s basketball game, Jeffrey Taylor assigned me to audio assistant. I learned what a pre recording and a live recording game works. Prerecording is to do a test run, which means the replay 2 and then the microphones from the commentary. However, if it’s a live game than the microphones come on and the ambient sound. The records have to be on before the game starts and then stoped when the game ends. Also, the black storm is to adjust the sound.One of the things I wish that I could have did was turn on both the microphones and ambient when the camera was on the commentary.

At  4:00pm after the women’s basketball game ended I was assigned back to the floor camera near the basketball court for the men’s basketball game. I kept using the camera to zoom and move the camera to any of the basketball players about to take a free shot, or on references that make a call. I moved the camera into the crowds  or on the score board during commercial break. The bubble level on the camera is to make sure the frames stay even in place instead of being crocked. However, one of the things I need to work on is zooming the camera more into the basketball players that scored a basket.




image1.JPG image1.JPG

This week I have continued to work on the research project that was given to me last week. I am waiting on my mentor Anna to let me know if anything needs to be added or fixed. Basically I have collected research based off bat/bar mitzvahs….. creating a word document that can help designers with future designs. This week I also have finalized the Montessori School logo! above is an attached picture of the logo they will be using. I am very excited to know that they will be using my logo that I created along with the help of my sorority sister Val who is the one interning at one of the Montessori schools. I am overwhelmed and humbled !!! This could be a great opportunity for me in the future and a great resume booster 🙂