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I almost forgot to add in the Senior Digital Arts show, “Unity of the Arts”! But the article is up and running now! It’s hard to write for stuff like that because it’s just straight information about times, dates, and names. The SEO judger was not happy about it, but c’est la vie. I have also update McCoy’s article for “Othelo”,  I made it a featured event and removed Rhinoceros from featured events so that Othello can take over the banner. I figured since Rhinoceros is over and the some of the Exhibitions are still open, I would leave the exhibition openings post in featured over Rhinoceros. This way people can still see which spring exhibitions are in the Hand Art Center, but not be trying to find information for a show that is already over.

Finally, I updated Madison’s interview. I couldn’t find a better picture of her on her instagram or online, so I just put the picture from her faculty page. I also increased the size just slightly, because if an image is under 200×200 pixels it won’t get picked up by search engines or any social media. She should probably send me a new one because it’s kind of grainy, but if not it will work.

Also, I’ve realized that my posts from my own computer do not publish automatically on twitter, at least, this post about the Senior Show did not. So I’m wondering if I’ll have to download and set it up too. I’ll bring my computer Thursday and we can see.

One thought on “Website Updates”

  1. Glad we were able to get the auto-posting working today at our meeting. That will be a big help going forward. I guess the lesson here is that we need to check all the configuration options before launch. Then again, many options makes it hard to know what everything does until you get into a use case.

    I will bug Madison about her picture and getting you something better.

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