Week 10: April 27-May 1

At my last internship week with Lynne, she decided to surprise me and take me to an open event. This event was at an art museum down the street from her office. It was a “paint out” event, where people gathered to watch an artist paint a piece. I would usually be bored watching someone paint, as I have no background in fine art or know of any techniques to paint with. However, the environment surrounding was inspiring, with flowers and a lake which set the perfect scene for her painting. I think that it was nice having this experience. We were able to look in the museum at all of the pieces that had been painted during the “paint out,” most of which were still wet with the paint. After that back at the office, I began working on a new concept for another high end hair salon called “Blanca Salon.” This salon offered much more variety in design then the other salon idea that I have been working on. Lynne has offered me a position to continue working with her throughout the summer on a project basis. I am excited to continue expanding my skills and gain more experience for where ever my career path may take me next!

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  1. Glad to hear that Lynne turned out to be such a caring mentor. Hope that your continued work for her goes well and that it leads you toward the next steps in your career!

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