Week 10 – MoArtDeLand

Monday, April 8th, concludes my tenth week working at MoArtDeLand. This week was a lot of photography. My assignments consisted of taking photos to document the newly installed shows. These two shows feature two very different artists. The downstairs gallery features over 70 sculptural pieces by artist Robert Thiele and the upstairs showroom features Abstract Expressionist painter, Grace Hartigan. Photographing these two exhibitions was a true learning experience because I never really realized the difference in photographic techniques involved when documenting shows of differing medium and background. Hartigan’s paintings contain “content and emotion” through abstraction and figuration while Thiele’s work can be characterized as “minimal.” Many of Thiele’s sculptural pieces are large scale sculptures and paintings as tall as 9 feet high to 10 feet wide and assume a wide variety of shapes. The components that I considered the most when shooting were the dimensions of each work, medium, color, background of works, and viewing audience. The photos I took will be used as reference during condition reports and will be used as Social Media posts to resonate with the Museum of Art DeLand’s’ viewing audience.