Week 10 MOAS Internship: The Final Week

This was my last week interning for the museum. Summer camp had ended the week before, and there were no scheduled groups to tour this week. Reason being because we dedicated this week to cleaning up the museum. The aftermath of camp takes a heavy toll on the museum, and while it wasn’t closed to the public, the kid’s wing would’ve been harder for guests to enjoy since we temporarily move exhibits to clean the floors. Besides basic sweeping, vacuuming, and moping, we had to remove all the toys and school supplies that were used for camp and move them all to the second floor of the wing, where it has storage and supply rooms.

When we were done cleaning each day, I finally finished working on the coloring book. Below are two pages within the book that are part of a single illustration:

The rest of the coloring book is composed of single-page drawings and puzzles, such as a word search.


As I mentioned last week, our last project was to create fake money for the pizza restaurant in the kid’s wing. While I finished up the line art in the coloring book, Ariana drew the dollar bills and scanned them for me. Afterwards, I simply reused the drawings we had already completed for coloring book and placed them as the faces on the dollar bills. We didn’t have time to draw new faces, so we decided to be resourceful with the drawings we already had, especially since they were already digitalized. Below is the finished product:

Overall, I had an enjoyable time working with the museum. Besides all the cool things we made for the education department, working there was fun because we worked with a great staff, and they were easy to get along with. Additionally, it was nice to able to work with Ariana, which made the whole adjustment easier. Though it was an unpaid internship, it was a good and meaningful experience nonetheless.

And as an fyi, MOAS will need more interns for the fall. If interested for more information about the internships offered, please check out this link.

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  1. Glad you had such a great experience! Hopefully we can find some other students that want to take advantage of this opportunity in Daytona. Having your blog posts to share should help convey want the internship entails, so takes for faithfully writing each week.

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