Week 10 Reflection

In this blog entry, I would like to reflect on the experiences I got from the internship so far. It has been a positive one for me. I think I learned a lot of new things in the industry. I am glad I got the opportunity to participate in this business. Being here, I got involved in many tasks that I am sure are useful to me and my future. Becoming an assistant has been a journey, because at first I did not know where and how to start, but with guidance of my supervisor I was able to learn quickly and understand my job. I think that my communication with my supervisor has become much better, and I am able to speak with her and address any questions that I have. Many tasks I have done were involving computer use, and I am very happy that I got to Photoshop a few images, as well as managing her photo gallery and organizing it. I am also a lot better at writing professional emails, which surprised me. I am thankful that I got a few tips from my supervisor about that. Answering emails and writing new ones has been a difficult task at first, but now I am able to do it on my own and even add my own twist to it. Before starting this internship, I thought that being an assistant wouldn’t be as interesting and important to the whole business, but it certainly is; I learned a lot by working here and now I know that assistants play an important role and help supervisors manage their business. Sometimes in this job, I get to input my personal opinion and express my thoughts on certain projects. Often supervisor needs my creative eye to look at things in a different way. Overall, I am very pleased and proud of the work that I do here and am hoping to continue to explore new tasks and projects that come my way.