WEEK – 11 (Some days are a breeze and some days are tough)

This week I was mostly working answering emails. Also, this week my supervisor got the news that some shows are coming up. My job was to get all the information from the paper and write three new, thorough emails about what the shows are and send them out to our clients. I had to dig deep and find all of our clients’ email addresses. Some disorganization was present in the office, but I was able to manage. Some of my other tasks include that I had to take pictures of the credit card information and send it to the accounting again. A new task has been given to me as well. I was asked to find pictures of a model and send information about her to the other agencies to see if they were interested in representing her. Answering emails from existing and future clients can be hectic sometimes, especially if you just wrote a nice email and sent it to one of the clients, and two minutes later, they have replied with a new question. Going back to the fashion week show emails, I have sent them to at least twenty people, with most of them replying within a day. Since one of the emails had little information about the event itself, it was said to contact our agency for more information, which most people have done, and a new obstacle was on my way; I had to reply to each one of them with another email about what to bring, who to call and where to send their comp cards. These events are few weeks away from now, and I am sure that when I come back to intern next week, I will have much more emails to answer about these modeling jobs coming up. Getting used to the workflow has been easy and difficult at the same time, because some days I have little to do and others have tasks that are just overwhelmingly piled up on top of each other. This experience has taught me to stay on top of my homework and assignments’ due dates; For example, I do a little bit of my projects every day, so that I could turn it in on time and it would not become too stressful, and I have implemented this technique since the beginning of this semester.