Week 12- new task

This week, I was working only once and mostly was assisting my supervisor with answering emails and Instagram messages. Something new that happened that day was that my supervisor got a message from one of the shows that said to recruit child models. So, my job was to find composite cards and bring them to my supervisor, to see if they were right for the job. After writing down their email addresses, I was asked to create a new email about the show, where it is going to happen, what to bring, what to wear, who you can bring with you, etc. and send that email to kids’ families to see if they were interested in participating. It was a busy day and I liked that I was active in my tasks and was able to show my creative side and add my personality to the emails. I am thinking about asking my supervisor next week if it’s okay for me to help her with improving the business’s website. Before, I was still learning about the html code and how to apply it, but now I think I am ready, and I know a little bit, and can help her with a few tricks and tips I learned. My thought, going into this internship, was for me to be able to help in improving her website, so I am determined to accomplish that and see if she has time for me to do that. Even though her main priority right now is for me to work with the clientele and assist them with any help they need.