week 13 getting new projects

This week I was helping my supervisor with answering emails as usual and work day was not that busy as well, because a few of her clients has come for an appointment and I was answering emails that only could be answered by me, and had to wait for her to be free to ask her specifically what I needed to type and what should I answer them. Those questions were just mostly pertaining to her. I also talked to my supervisor about new projects that I could do, and she was very happy I asked that. She said she was already thinking about me creating a video that we could show to new, potential clients in their first meeting. I also have to change my previous assignment, because the address given for one of the businesses have moved to a new location. She said I could do a video project and work on her website as well. She said I should think about what ideas I have for the video and tell her next week when I see her, so that I could ask her for pictures and videos I could use. It would be sort of a slideshow that I would have to make. As for the website, she said she would give me the code of it next week, so I could take a look and update it if I can. This will give me a chance to practice my skills that I have already learned and show my creative side in these projects.