week 14-New project

This week I have done lots of little tasks along the way. On Monday, my supervisor’s agency has been quite busy and she would also go out on location with her clients for the photo shoots. So, I was left at the office and had to work with images of clients and use Photoshop to fix lighting and erase bruises and that sort of thing. I also had to delete lots of images of the models and leave two or three for later reference and that was not an easy task, since some models had ten photos and I had to choose which ones I want to leave by picking the best ones from the looks. I was also working on answering emails and communicating with client’s parents at the office and answering questions they had, if any. At the beginning of the workday I also gave her a new revision of the list with the other agencies’ addresses and she was pleased with my work and even liked that I made the text much bigger for better reading. We also talked about the new project I am going to work on, which is a video slideshow, which basically will be a collage of different videos and photos introducing new models we have. I said that she could email me with some materials, so that I could start on working on it this weekend. The work week was fun and exciting, and I got to see the whole process of getting the model ready for her photo shoot again.