Week 2 at DME

Today marks the second week of my summer internship here at DME located in Daytona Beach  Florida. This week I continued to  design more Fathers Day gift wrapping paper. I have made many different pattern designs. I made patterns on the topic of fishing since most men enjoy the outdoors and fishing! my pattern consist of : Fish, fishing rod, cooler with text on the cooler ( Happy fathers Day). The second pattern I designed had to  do with the topic of business: ties, bow ties with text on the bow tie ( Happy Fathers day) I have also designed a BBQ pattern:  chef pig, ribs, and BBQ sauce on the BBQ sauce bottle it says ( Happy Fathers Day). Lastly I created a corona, lime and crown design and under the crown text says ( Happy Fathers Day) This was my all time favorite because I have gained more skills and I am finally getting the hang out pattern surface design. I am super excited for them to go up on DME giftskin website so that customers can start buying there Fathers Day gift wrapping paper!

( I also was able to incorporate a image box  on all wrapping paper that i designed so that the customer can upload the picture of the “Father”)

– PLEASE VISIT: ( www.giftskin.com)

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  1. Once they go live, you should be able to link to these items here in your blog posts. If you need an introduction to the formatting features in WordPress for links and other things (like bold and italics), search for a tutorial like this.

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