Week 2(June 12th – June 18th)

This week at the museum, I had the chance to participate in several projects. We started promoting the upcoming exhibit on the museum’s website, so I worked in editing the photos that were later uploaded. Through this assignment, I learned about the format and the dimensions the museum uses for its images in web publications. Additionally, I worked in content for marketing screens to also promote the exhibit while I was still working on the newsletter. Because they don’t need it immediately, I have had the time to keep learning how HTML works with email and to develop an easy template for them to keep using in the future.

Ultimately, yesterday I also collaborated to set up the layouts for the handouts and wall text for the exhibit. Although it was a slightly overwhelming at the beginning, I enjoyed working on multiple projects simultaneously and getting constant feedback from my supervisor on how to improve each piece. Attention to detail has been essential this week, which has been a little challenging since I am usually a big picture thinker; however, when it comes to graphic design, I understand the importance of details, so I am thankful for the opportunity to develop this creative thinking skill.

I have had to use Photoshop for most of the projects I was assigned to do this week, and that required me to get familiarized with the software again since I have hardly used it this year. Overall, it was a very productive and challenging week, and I hope to continue learning about the different elements that make an art exhibit successful.

One thought on “Week 2(June 12th – June 18th)”

  1. Templates and standardized dimensions are important to speeding up a workflow. Organizations like this will often have them, so it’s good for you to see them in context.

    Details are VERY important. Knowing that this is a weakness is a good thing, because you can work to improve. Also, you can try to find collaborators that are strong in this area to balance your big picture thinking.

    Sounds like you are doing some of the same tasks that our interns in the Hand Art Center do. Perhaps you could look into working there next year?

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