Week 3 MoArtDeLand

Monday February 11th, concludes my third week at Museum of Art Deland. This past week I was assigned with some new graphic design work. I also finished up some press release assignments I have been working and I also created a new banner for the Facebook page. This new assignment is an event in early April and I will be taking part in its design work.  My supervisor wants some kind of abstract flower design concept in different colors. I have started working on color scheme in a light lavender and maybe turquoise. I have a general layout of what my supervisor wants and specific guidelines. For example, there needs to be some element with black in the flowers because the flower part of the art is used on the place card and table cards at the event and the linens are Black and White. My art concept will be used for the fliers, website banner, place cards, and table cards. I will be finalizing and printing them around by March 1st. This whole upcoming week will be dedicated to processing the design. Im excited to create these and add them to my portfolio!

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