Week 3 MOAS Internship

As I mentioned on the last post, we worked on these honeycombs for the Children’s Museum:

Moving on to the week’s events, check-in for the summer camp went a lot smoother this week since parents from last week knew what to do. The camp has been relatively easy this week since one age group had been going on field trips for the whole week, so we didn’t have to worry about them.

The next project we started working on was to paint rocks for the museum. Currently there’s a trend in Demand called “Deland Rocks”, where there are painted rocks all over Deland and if you find one, you must paint another one and place it somewhere for someone else to find it. The museum wants to do a similar activity, but instead of simply finding rocks, the museum wants kids to find bring these rocks back and they will get free admission in return.

We started painting these rocks in between the tours we had to give. To reflect the permanent galleries in the museum, we are painting rocks that represent the Root family exhibit, the Ground Sloth exhibit, and the Planetarium. So far we have only completed one set of rocks for the Planetarium by painting the planets and other things in our solar system. Then we began with rocks for the Root family, so we plan to paint more teddy bears, the trains, and the race cars. The Ground Sloth rocks will probably be the most difficult to work on because fossils and the like require so much detail, yet we’re painting on tiny rocks, which makes it harder to capture that detail. Nonetheless, our supervisor is impressed with what we have come up with so far, thus we hope to continue this progress next week.

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  1. I can verify that the Root collection is popular with kids, because my own kids would always linger here when we visited the MOAS. If the rocks project is aimed at this audience, it’s good to give prominence to this collection. I am sure kids will make the connection.

    Looking forward to hearing about how your visitors respond once it is deployed!

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