Week 4 MoArtDeLand

Monday, February 18th, concludes my fourth week at Museum of Art Deland. The most important and productive times for me throughout the day are when I have the opportunity to create content. I addressed last week how I was assigned with some new graphic design work for an event in early April. I am responsible for assisting in creating a design strategy for this upcoming event launch. What was once a fairly straightforward job of creating flier and poster content has morphed into one that requires a variety of communication skills. In this assignment my design work will not only reflect the museum but the sponsors participating in the event. This means my work must be approved by them also before going to print. This assignment has a learning curve because there are so many goals I could potentially focus on like sponsor awareness, social engagement, creation content, and others. I had to learn more about prioritizing and collaboration. A big takeaway from all of this is that there are so many different ways to interpret a project that involves multiple parties. This assignment taught me to step outside of the box and put myself in someone else’s shoes in order to sell a design idea. This will be a necessary skill since I am interested in the advertising field.

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  1. That is a good lesson. It’s also a good idea to save different versions of a project like this. It can make an impactful portfolio presentation to show not just the final version, but also the different iterations. You accompanying text can describe how each stage was in response to feedback you received.

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