Week 4 MOAS Internship

This week was rather unusual because the Planetarium curator, Seth, who also works with the education department, was having a baby. He had to leave work early, which meant that another intern, Julia, had to run the planetarium shows. Normally she would help us organize tour groups, and would even assist with groups if there were many of them, however, given the circumstances, me and Ariana had to deal with the groups on our until some visiting docents   arrived.

This week was also the first time we had to manage groups that were “self-guided”, meaning that there wouldn’t be anyone working in the museum guiding them through, but we still had to make sure we kept an eye on them and making sure they were showing proper museum etiquette. The first self-guided tour was a large special-needs group. For the most part, the counselors of the group had everything under control, but I made sure to hand them maps so that no one would get lost or separated.

By the end of the week we also had to take photographs of the summer camp for a staff member in Administration to have. She let us borrow her camera, and we took pictures outside where the 7-9 yr olds were having their own Olympic games. For that particular group we had to help the instructor because the kids were rowdier than usual and kept getting distracted. We also faced a challenge of leaving out certain kids from photographs because their parents didn’t consent for their child to be photographed (they sent us paperwork during registration). After that, I photographed the 10-13 yr olds during their “Claymation” class while Ariana gave a tour to a small group of 4, and later we finished photographing the preschoolers in their “pirate class”.

One thought on “Week 4 MOAS Internship”

  1. Working around the life events of colleague is a very real part of the workplace. Any number of things can cause people to miss work, and it is important to be flexible and share the burden with your fellow employees.

    Photo releases are another important topic when using a camera. It can cause a lot of problems for your employer if you don’t pay attention to who has granted permission. Hopefully this experience will help you be more mindful of this in the future.

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