Week 4

On Tuesday, I finished writing my Disney Bucket List for Chesapeake Family Magazine and my article about Trimper’s Haunted House in Ocean City, MD. Summer is around the corner and my boss wants me to write about all the fun things to do in Maryland or anywhere else that families reading our magazine would like to travel.

On Wednesday, I went to the Naval Academy in Annapolis to take photographs of my friend, Wes, aka “Captain Dee-Fense.” He’s a local celebrity in Maryland who is the world’s biggest Ravens fan, wearing purple Navy gear that’s covered in Ravens patches. He’s also famous for his charity and anti-bullying work, doing a lot to help the community. He wanted new photographs for his page so we went around the academy and I took photos of him from various angles with my Nikon D3200. This is the first time I have ever done portraits of someone and it was a great learning experience for if I ever want to go into the field of photography. Afterwards, Chesapeake Family interviewed him. I am also designing a cartoon of him in Adobe Illutrator.

On Thursday, I joined Spa Creek Conservancy in the Chesapeake Bay again, but this time I didn’t do any water testing. Instead, I went out on a kayak and followed them around the bay, taking photographs of them doing their work for the magazine. I also did some photography of the wildlife that lives along the water, such as ospreys and waterfowl.

Next week my boss is going to introduce me to a new Adobe software.

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