Week 5 MoArtDeLand

Today, February 25th, I finished my fifth week at the Museum of Art DeLand. This past week I worked on some more press release drafts for some upcoming exhibitions. I used the press releases issued by the Museum on the website as guidance. I also used the essays from the Museum’s CEO that he completed about each of the artists and these particular exhibitions as a reference. I had to pull out two quotes from the CEO’s essays that could stand alone in the press releases to describe the show and the art.  These writing assignments have given me insight into the ways museums market themselves through texts. An important component of museum press releases is the extent in which they are able to engage with the surrounding community.

Writing press releases for exhibitions is an essential task at the Museum of Art DeLand as they serve as the first introduction to the show for the public, artists, and press. Maintaining and increasing visitors is also another role these press releases have. The Museum depends on a steady stream of people coming to the exhibitions and opening receptions. Without a good attendance the works just collect dust and can’t provide any educational benefit to the DeLand community. I have learned through these assignments that press releases like the ones I am drafting have a major effect on whether people visit, review, and purchase items from the Museums locations.

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  1. This is a good observation that museums and the way that they market themselves to the public. Glad you are see that it is not just about the quality of the art, but also the quality of communication coming from the museum.

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