Week 5 MOAS Internship

This week there was no summer camp because it was sort of a break due to 4th of July. That’s why my supervisor Nicole had asked us to come in for only one day during the week. On that day we were supposed to tour one group in the morning, but they never showed up, so the start of the day was unexpectedly slow. But on the bright side, we finally finished painting rocks for the social media promo of the museum, and we ended up with approximately forty rocks, so they should be placed in Daytona parks for children to find rather soon.

This particular rock I painted of a prehistoric llama was my favorite.

Now that this project is done, we plan to organizing ideas for a coloring book we have to design and illustrate. The old coloring book the museum had didn’t have the best design, with the typography being inconsistent, and some of the sentences would have been hard to read or understand for kids. The old illustrations themselves weren’t bad, but since is now our project, it would only be fitting if we improved the illustrations. Aside from that, we want to make the coloring book more engaging by adding mazes and crossword puzzles.

Additionally, Seth had asked us to paint the solar system planets using styrofoam balls, but we won’t be starting that project until he gets back from his paternity leave.

Next week summer camp will be picking up again, and hopefully more projects to work on aside from Seth’s planets and the coloring book.

One thought on “Week 5 MOAS Internship”

  1. Good job using photos to document your work on these rocks. This may be a good addition to your portfolio, so having the images is important piece of documentation. It will help you convey the project more fully to future employers and collaborators. My advice would be to take more pictures than you need, since you can always edit them out later but you can’t go back and take more. Especially true in this case, if you are going be depositing them in the nearby park.

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