Week 5-Regular Work Week

During this week, I worked two days, instead of the regular one day a week schedule. I turned in my project and my supervisor told me that the printed version of the excel assignment was good, but it could use some improvement, and gave me another week to figure out how to space the cells out better, so that they print well. As per usual, I had my daily tasks and helped with answering messages and writing to new clients. On Monday, I got to see the whole process of preparing for photography session of new clients for the comp cards. I also took pictures of billing information of clients for their photo shoot and comp cards that I had to send to the accounting department. This week, I also had lots of filing to do and I am pretty good at it, since on my previous job, I had good practice of doing that. Something new that happened to me this week, was that I had to walk three blocks to pick up the portfolio photos from a printing company; it was a sunny day and I enjoyed my walk and got to see the downtown area, which was pretty cool, since I haven’t been to that part of the city before. I got to work on portfolios, construct them and cut out the white, blank spaces with paper trimmer. Besides this new task, this week was not as busy as before and I did not have any new projects for me to do. Hopefully, next week I could start working on something new and get a new experience in this industry. So far, I liked that my tasks were structured and I knew what to do every time, especially when I am finished with previous tasks.

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  1. Creating an Excel spreadsheet that works well on the computer screen and the printed page is a tricky thing to master. But it is good for you to learn that you should check both. Glad they have you doing a variety of things. Sounds like you won’t ever be bored there!

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