Week 6 at ITProTV

I am a little over half-way through my internship now and I am still enjoying every aspect of working with ITProTV. This past week we have had a guest instructor in to teach about Adobe Premiere Pro CC who is an expert in this program. Along with our guest we were finishing a couple of important shows on the Cisco CCENT exam and Microsoft 10.

Time has gone by quickly interning here, and I think it is because of how much fun we all have together. The Premiere Pro expert we had come in to teach a beginners course on the program was a very kind, and hilarious professor from The University of Georgia. Myself, and the other two editors/switchers were drawing straws to see who would get to work with him. In the end we decided on changing jobs throughout the week so we all had the opportunity to learn from him and work with him. Since editing is important to me, this was a treat to have been in the presence of this natural born teacher on the subject. If I have forgotten to mention previously, I have been given the opportunity to edit videos by myself for the company and I am very proud that they have entrusted me with the task when they need it. While recording the Premiere Pro course, I learned many new shortcuts to make the editing process go much smoother than usual.

The other shows that occupied my time this week were less of an interest to me but the people teaching them are fun to listen to always. One of the hosts in particular asked me if I could stay with them forever because I do such a good job with them and that made me quite happy. If I did not have college to go back to in the fall I would love to stay at ITProTV as long as I could. As far as the technical aspects of my job with them nothing has differed; I adjust cameras, lighting, sound, and direct the show I am switching for. The work has become second nature to me now which is a satisfying feeling to be so comfortable in my work environment. By the time Friday rolled around we were finishing up the shows and during breaks we hunted for pokémon or ate donuts; it was the perfect end to the week with my wonderful co-workers.




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