Week 6 Journal: Feb 22-27

Last week at my internship with Lynne, we focused heavily on my senior project. She wanted to give me time during the internship to work on it. We discussed image placement and how to connect the user back to texting and driving in each poster. The mistake that we made was conceptualizing a series of posters that relied on another poster to drive the main point home. After a lot of review, I knew I had to go back to the drawing board and refine my concept in a way that the message was clear in every single poster. I worked on designing posters that included two parts. 1) The printed version: including photos and the social aspect of texting which is then compared to 2) The version that pops up when printed version is scanned: the message displayed will leave users thinking as they go through the exhibit. The idea is that their behavior is being “nudged” by what they are experiencing or realizing through my images. Lynne and I discussed the types of fonts that would be appropriate for my posters and I decided it was best to cut my posters up so that the text placement will be well thought out and measured. I think taking the time to consider that is really important when it comes to advertising. The message needs to be simple, clear and readable while making a statement all at the same time. I hope to achieve that within my posters. I really identify with Lynne’s style as an artist and appreciate her guidance and practical approach towards mentoring me with my senior project. It will help me understand what she is looking for in the coming weeks when I have new assignments from her!

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  1. That’s great that your internship supervisor provided you feedback on your Senior Project! She sounds like a great mentor. Hope that can continue after the internship is over.

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