Week 6 MoArtDeland

Friday, March 1st, I completed my sixth week of working at MoArtDeland. This was a shorter week of working with break the following week. Just because it was a shorter working week doesn’t mean I was any less busy. This week I worked in-depth on learning about the upcoming show featuring black and white film photographer Gary Monroe. Gary Monroe’s images provide a glimpse into the lives of the people he photographs. Monroe’s images provide a glimpse into a number of communities that add to the character of Florida and other localities. His images vary from the old world Jewish community that characterized South Beach Miami, to Haitian resettlement camps, to tourists visiting Disney World, and the various landscapes that these cities and communities are built upon. These visual stories focus on specific populations, examining their daily experiences and the challenges that they face. Learning about Monroe’s work will help me understand the fashion in which the images will be displayed within the gallery during showcase. This knowledge is allowing me to get insight on curatorial thinking when setting up an exhibition.