Week 6 MOAS Internship

This week we didn’t have that many tours to give, but it was a crazy week nonetheless. A YMCA group visited the museum every other day, and they turned out to be a handful. Not only were the kids rambunctious, but their arrival also brought on some other chaotic events. I was elsewhere when it happened, but apparently their bus driver was supposedly “driving irresponsibly”, which had upset a Summer camp parent, so she had called the police. I didn’t learn the outcome, but it put everyone in the museum in a foul mood. From this situation, we simply carried on with our work in order to try to diffuse the tension. Another problem we’ve been running into are docents. They’ve had irregular time to work, despite what the schedule says, which isn’t that bad since we usually cover their tours whenever they don’t show up. This week they did show up, and they were pretty particular over which age group they wanted tour and how they would go about it. It took patience, but we made sure to accommodate the tours to their interests to the best of our ability.

Regardless, as I mentioned last week, we started working on painting these sphere planets, and we finished the more crafty of the planets, Saturn. Apart from painting the sphere, we had to create a way to imitate the planet’s rings, so we poked shish kabob sticks through the sphere, painted a ring out of cardboard, and superglued the ring onto the sticks.

We also touched up another fossil, which is meant to have a “cockroach-like” texture.

On Friday, I was on my own since Ariana had to leave town to drop off her brother to a college orientation. I kept myself busy with my drawing tablet and began sketching illustrations of the Ground Sloth coloring book. It isn’t nearly finished, but here’s a work-in-progress screenshot:

Finally, for one of the summer camps, we had service dogs and their trainers come in and give a lecture about their work. I was mainly to make sure the kids didn’t lose their minds and pet the dogs without permission, but nevertheless it was a neat treat to see the dogs, and in the end the trainers let us pet the cute dogs.

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  1. It’s a good lesson to experience how distractions impact the work place. When things take you away from your primary task, it can effect the mood of everybody. That is why it is important to minimize these distractions whenever possible, but sometimes it is beyond your control.

    The coloring book samples look great! How many different images are you likely to compete? Will they be bound, or just printed as needed?

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