Week 6 (New tasks-New experiences)

This week was not busy and I have not spent many hours at the agency’s office. I worked once this week, and not even that many hours, since my supervisor made it a short day due to the lack of interviews. I am planning on spending a few hours working for her on spring break week, since I am a commuter and I live close to campus and I spend my breaks usually working at my job and will add my internship work time as well. So I will be busy next week with work and catching up on my school assignments. I finally finished my excel project and my supervisor loved its layout and how it had enough space between entries and it even had space to take notes if needed; she said my work was neat, organized and easy to look at. I haven’t spent much time before on working in excel, but after this project I think I got lots of practice and am now comfortable with doing anything else that I might come across with in the future. This past Wednesday, I got to work with Photoshop again and touched up a few photos of the models. I also got a new, interesting task for me to do, which was to calculate all the agency’s expenses of the month on a sheet of paper, which introduced me to a new field of accounting, which I was always interested in pursuing before. This internship has lots of different tasks for me to do every single week, which is pretty cool and this variety helps me stay positive and interested, instead of getting bored. Where in my case, sometimes I get bored quickly with repeating same task over and over again.