Week 7 – Busy week

This week, I got to work twice and got to participate in the photo-shoot again. These working days were quite busy for me. On Monday, I helped with answering emails and sending out billing information to the accounting department. On Wednesday, I started out with helping my supervisor with getting back to the clients by writing to them and answering any questions they might have had, and then I went to the photo-shoot locations and held the reflector for better lighting, so that the pictures would come out looking brighter and sunnier, since this is Florida and pictures have to show tropical, warm weather; Also, it was very chilly and windy that day, and I was freezing at times, my hands for shaking and that was a challenge for me to hold this gigantic reflector in a specific direction so that I could reflect the sunlight onto the model’s face. At the end of the day, I was using paper trimmer again and cut out white spaces around the printed portfolio photos. My supervisor had told me, that I am going to do another project, probably starting next week. It will be something that is related to my first project and involves excel and is a basically a paperwork assignment. I am enjoying this internship experience and I like that I always have something to do. I am already half way through this semester, and hope that I would get to work on the web design soon. Even though I am new at this, I feel like I could contribute and improve the overall look and style of the website and make it more user friendly.